Monday, 9 February 2015

Crud 1: The Sorry Segbans

Hello again.

Last time out, I raised the subject of the rubbish some at least of us like to include in our armies. So, continuing that fledgling theme, I present here a sure-fire contender for the honour of being one of history' successful military forces - the Segbans.

With a stat line that makes an unarmed, octogenarian goblin with a severe cold fancy his chances in a straight fight, the Segbans have never let me down on the crud front.

They featured initially in the "By Fire & Sword" tournament, and the few preparatory games I had for it, last year. In about six games to date, I think they have scored one, solitary casualty and have run away I would say two-thirds of the time. They are so poor, they require two command points to give them a different order to the one they start with in games of "BF&S", compared with just one for the ropey, but not as ropey as the Segbans, Feudal Spahis etc. In fact, just about anything else.

They count as having "poor quality firearms", "poor tactical discipline".....

Let's just go with "Crud".

But where else do you get cheap infantry to fill out your Turkish forces of the late 17th Century? Where else can you get someone almost willing to hold a strategic village for you for a turn or two before their inevitable flight? Janissaries are better (just by this late stage), Tufengchis better too, but both are rare and not allowed in skirmish level forces, just in grand armies. So, the Segbans are here to stay.

The figures are by the "Wargamer" company from Poland, who produce the "By Fire & Sword" rules and produce several little boxed sets of figures, as well as blisters, to support their game.


I don't know why I bothered with the flag. A map of the route back to Istanbul would have been better. I think they have managed to rally just once in their half a dozen outings to date.

I like a bit of variety and the Segban blister does not disappoint, with different poses, different clothing, etc.

Standing on the side of a snowy hill won't help either (another quality photo! [sic])

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