Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Two Towers (part 2)

So, the basic construction work was done, but the new stuff needed some texture. Cue a pot of brown wood filler (mine was bought from Wilkinson's in the UK, but any type should do), an old dining knife with which to apply said filler and an old pencil to scribe some masonry.

Both towers now done and almost dry after a couple of days' drying time. I also took the opportunity to hide those unsightly gaps around the doors and blend the window surrounds in as well.

And I was very careful not to miss the inside of the battlements and the tops of the walls too.

And a close up of a garderobe - I did not forget those either! I did take the liberty of running a finger over the new texturing to smooth out the roughest bits of scribing.
So there we are, up to date as February closes and with just seven more working days to finish all the extras that we set out to do to enhance the "Mayhem in the Med., c.1565" game we will be showing at the WMMS show next Sunday, 8th March, at the Aldersley Leisure Centre in Wolverhampton (final plug! Maybe...)

Now for some painting.


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