Saturday, 31 October 2015

A Mixed Month

Just a quick "news" item to finish off the month of October, which has indeed been mixed.

First the bad news - Stafford Games is closing as an outlet effective from tomorrow. I would like to thank the proprietor, Roland Hind, for his hospitality, his generosity as an occasional wargames opponent and for relieving me of far too much money over the years on all manner of product!!! He is still continuing on the internet and the show circuit, but no more trips to buy stuff in the flesh is a wrench.

Then there's the Rugby World Cup final without a single northern hemisphere side present...not even making it to the semis was another wrench and I do not even want to consider England's under-achievement.

I even almost felt sorry for the independence-huggers north of the border. Almost.

Then some GOOD STUFF.

I played my first ever game of Lion Rampant last Tuesday and loved it! I have already set aside some 15th Century figures from the Burgundian Wars project the Wyrley Retinue is engaged upon to create my very own retinue of condottieri. I think this setting is ideal for an imagi-nation, so expect to find some Italian derivative of my name taking to the tabletop in the next twelve months. Garrido Capmano? Gariglio Tipuomo? I have the livery sorted, so just to find the time.

Then there is the release of "Dragon Rampant", the fantasy version of "Lion Rampant", which sounds like an excellent excuse to drag the Orcs & Goblins out of hiding after a long time, their exile caused by the travesty that was later versions of the Warhammer rules. I am definitely looking forward to acquiring a copy and, as an added bonus, I already have the figures painted, based and ready to go!!!

To top things off, even Newcastle United finally managed a win (then promptly followed it up with defeat to Sunderland due to a shocking refereeing decision....)

And, finally, I have just one unit to finish painting and another to start and finish to achieve my target unit count for the forthcoming and aforementioned Wyrley Retinue Burgundian Wars bash. The first outing is set to be the "Wargamer" Show at Halesowen on Sunday, 6th December, though Nephew Paul may be absent.

Cheerio October!


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