Saturday, 10 October 2015

Derby World Wargames Show, 3rd-4th October, 2015

After failing to make it to the second Partizan show last month, going to Derby was an absolute must.

I only actually needed one thing - Basetex in green and brown (so two things technically) - but naturally ended up with more.

So, first up, a few photos of games at the show.

"Battle of the Scheldt" game by the Barely Legal Wargames Club - an Allied assault on a German position over flooded ground. Bring out the Buffaloes!

A wonderful Dutch bridge.

The German positions. This game had loads of neat touches and some wonderful terrain, as you can see. Very well presented.

"Marignano 1515" by The Ilkley Lads. Wonderfully painted figures (and lots of them!) on basic but functional terrain.

Gotta love the Swiss! Zug and Basel prominent in this block.

I was going to buy some tents at the show, but baulked at the price they were offered at. Perhaps we won't be doing Morat after all...

French Gensdarmes under Francis I's personal command.

Obviously Hougoumont, but I am afraid this game was guilty of one of my pet hates - no sign or other paraphernalia to say who was presenting it! It turned out to be "L'Order Mixte Club".

Hougoumont in close up. Looked impressive, but not demo'ed...

"Quatre Bras" by the "Like A Stonewall Group".

Derby Wargames Society gave us "The War in Ireland: 1689 - 1691". I believe this is Clanrickarde's Jacobite regiment.

The Dutch Garde te Voet, Kirke's and Trelawney's regiments.

And a starfort, no less.

The Danish contingent made up the left wing of the Williamite army. Will I ever get round to finishing off my own project for this fascinating conflict???

And another windmill, to go with the one on the "Scheldt" game. Like buses, you wait ages for one and then two show up together! This game was my overall favourite - good terrain, an interesting period, decent figures and something to see all over the table.

This was actually a participation game put on by "Old DWA" entitled "Romano-British defend against Saxons". Not the most catchy title, but another good outing and well worth a look. Again, lots to see all round the table. Will I ever get around to painting my Arthurians???

Sort of Hadrian's Wall...

I don't know exactly why it is, but it is only long after the show, when I finally get around to looking through the show pamphlet, that I realise how much I missed! I simply do not recall "Great War 1918" by the Reluctant Conscripts, the Toofatlardies presenting their "Chain of Command: Afghanistan" game or Stafford Games' "The Battle Of Gross Beeren", all of which were probably excellent - many apologies to those I may inadvertently not have given die credit to!

Shows for me, however, are about shopping first and eye candy second I guess. I am truly amazed by some of the stuff I see clubs and individuals laying on at shows, which is why I aim to do something at local shows via the Wyrley Retinue. But I never carry the show pamphlet around in my hand so seem to be missing out on my paltry entrance fee! As with the old school report, "must do better" springs to mind.

Next up for me is the "Wargamer" show on 6th December at Halesowen, where the Retinue should be out and about for the first time with our 2016 offering, whatever that ends up being.

Wherever you are, support your local show and get gaming! And try and see everything on offer, unlike me!!!


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