Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Loot

Not a pirate game, or the results of said game, but my purchases from the Derby World Wargames Show last weekend.

As I posted earlier, I only needed some Basetex, but it would have been rude not to overspend on so much more...

Left to right from top left: The desired Basetex, the Wargamers' Summer Annual, the "Warband" fantasy rules from Pendraken, some MDF bases, "Frostgrave", some Front Rank medieval pike and shot courtesy of Col Bill.
Left to right front row: three packs of French & Indian War figures (French and British infantry and Coureurs de Bois - I have long had a desire to get some "Muskets & Tomahawks" games going), a Goblin army for "Warband", A High Elf army for the same rules and a Tumbling Dice Napoleonic fleet for Osprey's recent "Fighting Sail" rules, which again have grabbed my interest recently.

And missing from the above photo, two Peasant Ox Carts from 4Ground, which will be making their way onto the games table for anything from Dark Age Ireland to the 30 Years' War (and probably beyond) some time soon.
So, this pretty much covers my latest wargaming thoughts and desires.

I love fantasy games and have long desired something to replace Warhammer, with which I have long since fallen out of love.
""Warband" has "Battle of the Five Armies" written all over it!" claimed Nephew Nick.
"The "Nirnaeth Arnoediad" and the High Elves returning to Middle Earth in the First Age of Man" thought I.
The rules are simple without seemingly being simplistic and I look forward to getting some games in asap.

"Frostgrave" was bought as something else that looked interesting. I loved role-playing games in the 80's and these rules seem like a good crossover from that genre to wargaming. One to watch and I probably already have the figures, so should give these a go soon.

"Muskets & Tomahawks" has been something I have thought on for some time and I bought some British infantry and some Indians a while back. Now I have the French by way of trying to kick-start my enthusiasm.

"Fighting Sail", published earlier this year, rekindled a fondness for naval games of the past. I already had one Tumbling Dice 1/2400th scale fleet, so bought another to build some opposition.

The Front Rank figures will join the ranks of my Burgundian Ordonnance foot, since their predecessors started out from those ranks. You can never have too many Burgundians, though it is a bind putting all those routers away!

And I just love the Wargamers' Annuals, having collected all of them since their inauguration. As someone who still has his "Wombles" annual from 1975 (received as a present on Christmas Day 1974, when young G was just 7 years old), not to mention various Rupert The Bear annuals from different years, I love the format and this issue yet again does not disappoint. I look forward to the Winter edition this Christmas.


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