Saturday, 31 March 2012

Three months in......

Back in January, I posted what I had in mind for the year overall, detailing what I had "planned" down to the end of May for completion. I do not know why I went so far, as I tend to work by quarters of a year, but guess I got carried away on a rare wave of enthusiasm to be organised......

Well, three months in and......

Plans: 100x 28mm infantry (mainly 30 Years' War), 24x 28mm cavalry (ditto).
Achieved: 20x 28mm infantry (30 Years' War) and 12x 28mm cavalry (Tott's kurassiere, again TYW)

What went wrong????? I got carried away on the WMMMS show display game we did as the Wyrley Retinue. Along with a couple of paltry regiments, I also managed several basing endeavours for my TYW-era village to enhance that, numerous sheep, pheasants, cattle, fowl, crates, boxes, barrels, baskets, fences, more tents.........a couple of wagons, the odd dog or two, some get the idea. Oh, and a steamtank, three Panzer IV's (still to be based) and five Panther A's (still to be based also).

Not an entirely wasted three months then!!!!!

Plans for the 2nd quarter are 58x 28mm infantry and 24x 28mm cavalry. Hmmm.


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