Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WMMMS Purchases

So, just what did I buy at last weekend's WMMMS Show.

My intentions were:
  1. Warfare Miniatures firing line infantry (WA09???) to build James II's Lifeguards.
  2. Warfare Miniatures advancing infantry codes to build the Gardes te Voet.
  3. Some Blooper figures in 20mm for my long lost Vietnam project. I BOUGHT THESE!
  4. Some Huey's for the same.
  5. Some magnetic basing stuff. I BOUGHT THIS!
  6. Some ship's bits (don't ask, but a chap named Nigel has carved some hulls and got me interested.....) I BOUGHT THESE.
  7. Some 7TV figures.
  8. Some Victorian sci-fi stuff.
As you can see, I went somewhat awry, but what did I buy???
  1. Reiver infantry with apostles - I have Lord Louth's and one other Jacobite unit in mind for these.
  2. The new Napoleonic rules from Osprey/ Slitherine (but cannot remember the name of for the life of me!!!!)
  3. The latest issues of both MW and WSS magazines.
  4. £70 plus of modern Afghan stuff.........................I have no idea why, other than Nephew Paul bought a loads of 16th AIrborne and I took pity on his lack of opposition. Hmmmm???
  5. The Warlord Games "Tilly" figure for TYW.
  6. Some Warlord Games sword and buckler figures - I have some Spanish in mind as I have a desire to show Nordlingen at some point.
War in Afghanistan??? Taliban figures?????????? I look on in awe at the news stories and the sheer guts and stoicism of our troops in such a horrid and difficult situation and loathe what we hear about these fanatics. Will I ever paint them? Will I ever game with them? Possibly against the Russians....

Yet I have SS and use nothing else in the odd WW2 game I play. I play African warlord games on occasion, so am not overly sensitive. I think I can get my head round it if I leave out crap like IED's.

An impulse purchase if ever there was one........



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    1. Cheers Ray.

      I don't think that is quite how my wife put it when she checked the bank balance, but it was something along those lines....