Saturday, 31 March 2012

1500pts - sorted!

Points games for World War 2???????? Welcome to the Stafford Games Flames of War (v3!!!) League.

I wanted to join in, I wanted to get over my serious reservations about the authenticity and aesthetics of those little bases of infantry, I wanted to see if the rules are as good as people seem to think they are (and I wanted to cause some's a long story!)

The Panzer IV's are done (see previous post). Now it is the turn of the big cats. 3rd Company, 2nd Platoon Panther A's, from 2nd SS "Das Reich" Panzer Division, Normandy, July 1944. Bases still required......

Panther 321. I used decals on these (from Battlefront's SS decals pack) as opposed to trying to paint the details as I did with the Panzer IV's.

Front three quarter view to try and show my miniature attempts to break up the outline with some bocage.

I tried different methods for the foliage, mostly using Woodland Scenics stuff. Clump foliage marketed as bushes stuck straight on, chopped foam flock mounted on polyfibre, the same mounted on lichen and a mix of bushes and chopped foam.

The view those damned Yankees would rather have of a Panther, especially if they have a bazooka to hand....

My preferred foliage option - lichen base with chopped foam foliage

Close up on Panther 325. Need to do the cover the gloss varnish base for the decals with some matt.

The entire 3rd company - 5 Panther A's. The bad news is that I can only afford four in my 1500pts.....
All the featured Panthers are made from The Plastic Soldier Company kits, from which D, A and G variants can be made. An excellent product if ever there was one. Recommended!!!

I am not convinced by my foliage efforts overall, but, somewhat paradoxically, I will at least be able to spot them on the table in any multi-player games I involve myself in!


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