Saturday, 3 March 2012


Just one week to go, and little, old G is getting excited!!!

More excited than a vampire in a blood bank!
More excited than a turkey that has made it to Boxing Day!!
More excited than a rabbit who has just discovered he is the only male in the warren!!!
More excited than a lottery ticket holder who has just seen his numbers come up.............OK, not quite THAT excited!

Steinkirche is out on tour again, for its second outing. The Wyrley Retinue (both of us) and our sundry associates are gearing up for another set to and all the players who took us to club glory at Wargamer have confirmed their interest, except for Stu (where are you StuG???)

G has been busy making all sorts of little bases, bits and bobs to add to the game, from supply "dumps" to sundry livestock. I believe the hall lighting will better facilitate photos, so see you in a week or so for some WMMMS action and another post or two.

I have donned armour and hardened resolve in the meantime for the inevitable "comments" from The Beloved about not needing any more stuff..........What is this "need" thing?????

"This ain't need," I tell her. "This is pure hedonism!"


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