Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Battle of Staffsburg, 1632 (or 12th May, 2012)

Stafford Games hosted another of their "special days" yesterday, the eagerly-awaited "Pike & Shotte" Demo Day. Steve Morgan from Warlord Games came along and laid out a 12 x 6 table for nine of us to get a go with his ruleset, aptly named "Pike & Shotte"

I added a few cavalry and artillery to the figures ready to go when I got there and played the role of Protestant right-centre brigade commnader and annoying dude with camera! My role was to march into a carefully arranged jaws of death set up whilst we Protties as a whole had the dual role of blowing a bridge and capturing a manor house. With my brigade largely refusing to move due to endless failed command rolls, the jaws of death eluded me, but the Imperialist centre greaty obliged our overall aims by redeploying its reserve to their right wing, so we were able to break through, split them in two and swinging right to the manor after blowing the bridge. "So good of those Imperialists to oblige with the move", thought Yorkshire Steve and I from our position opposite!

They put up a stiff fight for the manor and defeated our right wing cavalry in a close fight (better luck next time, Andy!), but the game was up.

We Protties did think we were being hustled at one point, however, as they seemed to know the rules over THAT side of the table........but God's will saw us home!!!!! Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!

Great day, great game, bought the rules and will be playing again.

Massive thanks from Major-General Lord G of Wyrley to Steve Morgan, Roland at Stafford Games and the other gamers who helped make this a most memorable occasion.

First up - the victorious Protties.

Protestant Command - Andy "Shortshanks" (Der Kavallerie Verderber), Generalissimo Yorkshire Steve (hair freshly bouffed to give extra height and presence), Major-General Lord G of Wyrley (grinning, bespectacled, suave and debonair) and Big John (Royalist Red sweater and big beard)

View from the Minstrel's Gallery - John on left flank, then Yorkshire Steve's infantry, my brigade to the right of the stream and then Andy with the right flank

View up the table from our left flank

Andy's cavalry..........RIP

Major-General Lord G of Wyrley's Blue Regiment (Roland's figs) push the desperate Imperialists back across the hedgerows into the manor grounds.

Yorkshire Steve's brigade (Big John's figs I think)

Schlammersdorf's was our sole reserve, but did sterling service in support of Andy's late cavalrymen (I'll stop now Andy!)

Yorkshire Steve in miniature

With the rash redeployment of the Imperialist reserve from the centre to their right, Yorkshire Steve was able to reinforce the blitz through their centre

Our heavy battery was able to do some serious execution - once we had executed the original master gunner, Blind Pete, and installed another in his place.......

The bridge is forced and the yellow musketeers at the bottom of the photo will be there soon with the powder...

Yorkshire Steve crossing the stream to help at the schwerpunkt - the Imperialist centre

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