Monday, 21 May 2012


No, not the dodgy Midlands soap of yesteryear, so beloved by my late grandmother***, but that mythical point of choice by which one takes a route to get to somewhere. One also hopes during this moment of selection, that the chosen route is easy-going, as short as possible and actually takes you somewhere close to one's intended destination! But we are talking wargames figures here and that is one rocky, sometimes fraught, occasionally tedious but ultimately satisfying trail of wonder.

So, after the various lay-ups in proverbial lay-bys, sojourns in greasy spoons and toilet dashes on the Toll Road of wargames life, what does the signpost say now???

Well, the Afghans are nearly all finished, having cruised over that particular speed bump without fuss, so not that. So.......(and I have not yet totally ruled out a U turn and left at the last junction!)....

LEFT - Sarsfield's horse - 12 figures (well, 11 and a broken cannon in honour of Ballyneety) ready "built" and undercoated. Two squadrons under the BLB rules.

RIGHT - some more of England's finest, circa 1314. Another dozen built and undercoated.

STRAIGHT ON - some more Thirty Years' War. Jung-Tilly and Aldringen both need musketeers.

Somewhere in the vicinity is 2nd SS for Kursk, captured T34's to the fore, and even a few Daemons (yes, heresy I know, but the Inquisition does not visit sunny Staffordshire.....) I may even finish the last few figures for the Panipat Panzer Division (aka Ancient Indians).

So, with the map discarded many miles (and many more years) ago, "anything can happen in the next half hour", to keep the TV metaphor running a while longer (though I am way too young to actually have seen that one in the flesh).

Feel free to vote for a favourite. I may even listen!
I will post photos when I get something done.


***She was also a fan of Emmerdale, when it was still about a farm!!! I blame the family roots in the Forest of Dean myself.


  1. LOL!!!!!

    (That does not mean "lots of love" by the way. I am not David Cameron).