Sunday, 13 May 2012

Staffsburg - Meet the Imperialists (aka Losers)

Further coverage of yesterday's big game is here as I give due coverage to the gallant losers.

If you missed the previous post, Roland at Stafford Games staged a "Pike & Shotte" Demo Day at his store, when Steve Morgan of Warlord Games, and author of the "Pike & Shotte" rules, spent a fantastic day taking us newbies through a thoroughly enjoyable outing with said rules. 12 x 6 table, a fair few figures and a great game.

Thanks Roland, Steve and fellow players! This was a truly fantastic gaming day!!!


The gallant opposition, in the form of Trevor (seated), Chris (in black, perhaps in recognition of what was to come!), Alan and Greg

Aldringen - these were Steve Morgan's figures and some at least of those he brought to the game were from the former Mark Allen collection seen in WI 20-odd years ago - VERY NICE!!!

Regiment Verdugo

Greg's cavalry that gave Andy so much trouble on our right flank - I love Kurassiere and they are seriously tough in "Pike & Shotte"!!!

The Imperialist reserve who gamely marched off to their right flank, opening up their centre for a good bashing!

Imperialist foot under serious pressure trying to defend the manor house from our assault

The infirm Imperialist commander in his "wheels"

Closer view of some of those rock hard Kurassiere

Oops, double pictures......

Playing "King of the Castle" won't save you...

The Imperialist heavy battery that gamely deigned to catch a number of my cannon shot, but refused to yield

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  1. An excellent looking game, some beautiful figures!!