Sunday, 6 May 2012

A quiet week

Work and family have finally succeeded in getting in the way of quarrying the lead and plastic mountain, as I seem to have less and less time (or is it inclination???? Or old age ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) to actually get on with anything for long.

But all has not been lost completely. I have now based Mad Mullah Chapman's Turbaned Terrors and the Fireforge knights are now all built and ready for a paint job.....................time notwithstanding. I have even been busy enough to prepare the remaining figures for the Terrors, which I hope to have complete in a week or two, but the T62 and technicals are still neatly bubble-wrapped.

And Stafford Games now have the Perry men-at-arms (cue condottieri, probably with a Papal bias, although I have some Stradiotti knocking about somewhere, so Venice is also an option) and the Fireforge Sergeants to keep me keen on the Anglo-Scots project too.

And then there is Ray Roussell's recent post of some James II Lifeguard cavalry to consider, which almost had me braking out the 1690 stuff again.............................

I even have my first game in over a month set for this Wednesday evening.

Future weeks could start to get a lot noisier...................


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  1. Glad I have been of some assistance, even if it wasn't really wanted???? At the moment anyway! Come on get them figures out!!!!