Monday, 11 June 2012

Continuing to the left

After finishing painting Sarsfield's Horse, I put together some plastic Wargames Factory WSS cavalry and selected Montpuillan's Horse as my second cavalry regiment for my 1690 project.

Sapherson in "William III at War" says this regiment was raised in 1672 and commanded by Armand Nompar de Caumont de la Force, Marquis de Montpuillan. Grant in "Armies and Uniforms of Marlborough's Wars, vol I" gives grey/white as the colour of coat, cuffs and lining.

I have seen no details at all for the flag(s) I get to conject! (Is that a word???)

So, how did I create a flag for this somewhat enigmatic unit? Well, given the name, date of origin, etc, I was thinking Huguenot French - white crosses, fleur-de-lys, you know the drill. I also checked out "Montpuillan" on the interweb and found out that it was in the Lot-et-Garonne district of Aquitaine.

Thus, a white flag, with a white cross, fleur-de-lis in each canton and the arms of Aquitaine in escutcheon in the middle. Job done.

The main issue I have with these figures is the size differential between these and the Reiver figures I used for Sarsfield's Horse. It may have to be one or the other.....


The flag in all its "glory". Painted calico on brass wire pole, as are all my flags for this project.

This photo clearly shows the sub-bases I used to try and raise the height of the figures to try to bridge the size differential I mentioned - bits of lollipop stick, cut down plastic bases, thick card etc all came in handy.

The entire unit, just one squadron in Beneath the Lily Banners terms.

I quite like the sense of movement in the figures seen from this angle. The horses are rather long, which I think is a little inaccurate anatomically, but adds to this sense of movement.

Victorious cavalry chasing off after the enemy.


  1. Great looking figures and a damn nice flag to boot!!!!!

    1. Glad you like these Ray, especially as you have posted so many great pics of your own stuff recently. I loved the Boisseleau flags you did (a unit I had in mind to do), but was curious about your ideas for Tyrconnell's cavalry flag. What did you base your design on? Is this an actual flag? Tyrconnell's is another unit I have on my radar.