Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Phalanx Show

Looking forward to an anticipated venture north this weekend to the Phalanx show at St Helens. I have only attended once before and, if memory serves, found it to be a fine show, with just enough packed in to the space available to make it both busy and yet uncramped.

Had those scurvy wretches who answer to the cry of "Wyrley Retinue Minions" been available, I would have pushed for an outing with a demo game, but they will go working Saturdays........and Nephew One is getting married next week, so he probably would not be allowed out anyway.

So, what is on the purchase list???

1) 1690 cavalry. The website says Reiver will be there, but no mention of any suppliers for Dixon, Warfare or others.
2) 1690 foot - command and pike to go with my Reiver infantry with apostles.
3) 30 Years' War artillery and crews. 1st Corps for these, I think, and if I buy enough guns, some may make it to 1690 Ireland.
4) Expansion of my Ancient Indian army is long overdue, so 1st Corps again for some more cavalry and command options that do not involve use of elephants.

What will I return with????

If I had the cash, my fledgling 1314 project would benefit from some Curtey's medievals and I may add a few more bits to my Taliban, aka Mad Mullah Chapman's Turbaned Terrors. I also recently purchased the "Muskets & Tomahawks" 18th Century skirmish rules, so a few Pandours/ Iroquois/ Sepoys/ Minutemen might make an appearance.......

Watch this space.


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  1. Cool! Phalanx is a good show may see you there
    Cheers Steve