Saturday, 16 June 2012


The Phalanx Show has been and gone for another year and I did indeed make the jaunt up the M6 to St Helens. The weather promised to be foul, but was largely OK for an English summer, but the usual line up of startled rabbits (aka car drivers who lose the plot when the rain/ snow/ wind/ etc comes in) put in their customary appearance. Ditto the National Stunt Drivers' Association aka anyone in a lorry........

But I digress.

I had a budget. I blew it, but not by the usual margin, so perhaps I am either:
a) tiring of my lifelong predeliction for soldierly toys, or,
b) found little to my tastes on offer, or, there but for the grace of God,
c) I am becoming responsible and realise I have to curtail my expenditure once in a while.........

Here's what I bought.

If you recall my previous post, I was looking for more 1690 stuff (infantry, cavalry and artillery), as well as additions to my 30 Years' War artillery and a couple more bits as options.

From the picture above:

Front (l-r): 3 packs of Ancient Indian cavalry from Curtey's/ 1st Corps (AN INTENDED PURCHASE!), then Reiver Castings 1690 era cavalry and infantry (7 packs, ANOTHER INTENDED PURCHASE!!), then 5 30 Years' War guns with 2 crew packs (Curtey's/ 1st Corps again and YET ANOTHER INTENDED PURCHASE!!!).

Middle (l-r): 2 boxes of "1672" infantry from the former Copplestone range purchased from Dave Thomas, along with 4 packs of Crusader Woodland Indians from the same source (I AM ON A ROLL HERE !!!!!), topped off with 2 large (3"/ 75mm) and 4 medium (2+"/ 60mm) metal discs for command elements for 1690 and a pot of brown Basetex, all from Magnetic Displays (who seem to be at every show I ever go to - top performance there from them).

Back (l-r): 2 largely random purchases - the "Charlie Don't Surf" rules from Too Fat Lardies (which may help kickstart my Vietnam stuff) and the "Enduring Freedom" sourcebook to "Force on Force" from Wargames Emporium.


So, is it "a", "b" or "c" that is to blame?????


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