Monday, 11 June 2012

Turning left....

....has brought me here.

After the best part of a year away from this project, I have effected a return with some Reiver Castings horse I bought at Derby last year. Where better to enter the fray with my first regiment of horse than with James' Guards, aka Sarsfield's Horse?

As with so much of this conflict/ era, the banner is a subject of some conjecture. I have seen various versions of the royal standard, with or without a French element in the form of a fleur-de-lys or two. I thought long and hard about memory told me we had given up claims to the French crown sometime before, and I did not think it politically appropriate to reinstate that claim when the French were actually "helping" James regain his throne, so settled on the current version, courtesy of the recent jubilee celebrations. No fleur-de-lys then.

Now someone will write back to tell me exactly where I have got it wrong!!!

I varnish and base in batches, several units at a time, so will post some finished pictures at some point in the future.


The aforementioned Royal Standard

Ballyneety in miniature....

And from the other side. I used liquid green stuff to hold the separate right hands and carbines in place more strongly. The fit was not great initially, being far too loose, so the filler helped greatly

Bono's great, great, great, great...........whatever relative. Music is in the Hewson family blood. Someone less kind than I may well claim it skipped a generation where young Paul (aka Bono) was concerned......

And his showy coat, with silver lace and hanging sleeves

Two squadrons to the Beneath the Lily Banners rules, 11 figures plus the broken cannon

Close up of "sir"

And finishing with the standard again. The other side is identical - honest!

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  1. Great painting, a fine body of men!!! And a great looking flag as well!