Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Phoenix from the ashes (with green stuff step ladder)

Last time out, I bemoaned my lack of success with the Warlord Games metal/ plastic Cuirassiers boxed set, as the separate right arm pieces did not fit the concave sockets cast into the figures, meaning I had a torrid time trying to build them.

Well, I may be slow, I may still be wading through fog banks of blue air in my modelling chamber (what She calls "the conservatory") and I may be a little lacking in enthusiasm for painting at the moment with job losses at work announced etc, but I did solve the problem in the end.

What I hope the photo shows is that solution.

1) Fill the shoulder cavity with liquid green stuff (I used Games Workshop's version).
2) Whilst the green stuff is still wet, push the arm into it to get a proper fit.
3) Remove the arm from the socket and wipe the green stuff off the arm.
4) When the green stuff is dry, put your superglue of choice in the newly part-filled shoulder socket and hold the arm in place for 30 seconds.
5) Voila!!! Sit back (unstick skin as appropriate) and enjoy your newly finished figure.

It is quite simple really. As with so many white metal kits of my acquaintance over the years, the bits don't fit. Thus, you give 'em a helping hand with the green stuff. It should not be necessary, but it is. The figures would be so much better IMO if they were one piece castings for the riders, but hey ho. I also think the arms stand a little too proud of their sockets, giving them a slightly dislocated look, but I am hoping I will forget to look going forwards and just enjoy the game instead!

I have elevated my appreciation for these figures to "recommended with some reservations" now, so it is not all bad. I still have a couple of quibbles, however.

1) Several riders do not have scabbards at all moulded on. Thus, not sure what they are supposed to use in melee. I added mine from some cut down plastic swords from other Warlord boxes.
2) Several riders have scabbards, with swords, moulded on. Thus, not really appropriate to use the sword arms supplied for these. Take care when building them to match up properly if you are anal like me and notice this sort of thing. THIS IS OF ESPECIAL CONSIDERATION IF YOU GO ON TO BUILD THE WARLORD DRAGOONS!!!!!! Be warned!
3) Whilst I had little trouble with the plastic horses, which come in two parts, be wary of which parts you match up. Some options look more like dressage contestants with both legs on the same side raised up, which I think is unnatural for a horse in normal movement.
4) Also, there can be large gaps where the neck and shoulders on the horses join, so keep your green stuff ready for that too.
5) The box comes with a metal lance arm for the standard bearer. Throw it away! It is so weak and flimsy as to warrant no less ruthless a stance than melting it down, jabbing it in the eye of your worst enemy or just plain replacing with something much better. Either forget about a standard bearer in your unit or use one of the plastic arms from the other cavalry sets and either paint convert it to an armoured one or sculpt something on to show it is armoured.

As I said above, "recommended with some reservations".


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