Saturday, 18 February 2012

Big Bang Theory

Given the amount of material the Swiss captured from the Burgundians, there can be no doubt that Charles the Bold had a passion for artillery. (Not to mention lots of money....)


Hinchliffe organ gun, Front Rank crew. The banner is a company flag, but I have no idea whether it should fly on an artillery piece. Still, if Hinchliffe put a flag pole on the gun, I had to hang something on it.

White probably is not the best colour for someone who plays with black powder weapons......

Front Rank gun (I think) with Foundry crew. The guy with the box and the bigwig pointing in the background are Front Rank.

Another big bang (or perhaps little bang...), the good, old handgunner. Front Rank again.

"Oi, don't you know we can't move AND fire???"

"He's right! It's move OR fire"

A rather older piece of ordinance (as opposed to "Ordonnance"). Front Rank again. Some "Belgian" input to the cosmopolitan army of CtB, with the Flanders lion on the gunners pavise.

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  1. Some great looking guns!! The flag looks good where it is, at the back of the gun. The Pavises look great as well!!