Saturday, 18 February 2012

Where did we leave the horses?

Time for another enigmatic unit.

On the face of things, a unit of gens d'armes, albeit dismounted, tooled up with the best weapons and armour, trained from an early age in the arts of war and with their prestige as much dependent on their battle prowess as their lineage, would be a good battlefield choice.

So, why do they underachieve? They ran at the first sight of those chocolate-making peasants from the mountain valleys in their first game and have hardly covered themselves in glory since. It might just be that it will take a bit of time for a team of start players to gel, and I do not take them out much (or their colleagues), but I hope the problem is not a wider one.

The banner is that of Philip de Crevecoeur. I noted recently, that there is a village that appears on a map of the Battle of Cambrai in 1917 called Crevecoeur.......

Front Rank figures. From the left of the photo, we have Oliver de la Marche, Guillaume de Vergy, some guy who could not be bothered with his livery so shall remain anonymous, Philippe de Crevecoeur himself, Jan van Broechhuisen and Hugues de Thoisy.

Close up of the command group. This is one of the few flags I painted myself for this project, most originating from the Lance and Longbow Society.

De Crevecoeur, van Broehhuisen and de Thoisy.

All heraldic details for this unit were derived from "The Burgundian Army of Charles The Bold: The Ordonnance Companies And Their Captains" by Pat McGill, Armand Pacou and Rod Erskine Riddell.

I got my copy from the "Lance & Longbow Society" stand at some show or other. They seem to be present at every show I visit and, in my opinion, do a great job and have some excellent products on offer. Highly recommended. Give them a visit if you are at all interested in any aspect of medieval history.


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