Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Steinkirche, part 2

The WMMMS show is less than four weeks away, and Nephew Nick and I will be there with Steinkirche, for its second outing, in our guise of the "Wyrley Retinue".

We have a lot to live up to. The show features some tremendous looking games, with some awesome figures and great original ideas on display. I have been trying to upgrade a few bits and pieces to make our little offering a bit better, but there is one thing I am sure will be better - the lighting in the hall!!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed our outing at Wargamer last month, but the lights in the hall there made me think I was wearing some sort of hippy yellow sunglasses all day. It reminded me of all those weird French car headlights from the seventies. Not good when I had to drive home later - I even managed to miss two potential turnings and took a circuitous route home in the end!!!

Just how do you miss the M6????? My excuse is that it was that hideously ineptly-designed junction 7........

Do say  "Hello" if you are there. I am the big guy, probably in my Gloucester rugby shirt. If I am not in that distinctive cherry and white hooped homage to my hometown sports interest, then you may rest assured I will at least be wearing something!!!!! Just don't confuse me with Big John from Yorkshire. He is even bigger than me, talks "funny" and looks like a Viking, with his long white hair and beard. Hi John! He also helpfully wears his Stafford Gamers shirt to most shows, which helpfully has "John" printed on the hem of the left sleeve. If I am wearing my Stafford Gamers shirt, you may be interested to hear that it has "Gary" on the hem of the left sleeve.........


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