Saturday, 18 February 2012

Scorpio, and my name is Charles.......

My friends call me "the Bold", my detractors "the Rash" and my enemies "the Terrible".

NO, NOT ME, as in G, but Charles de Valois, Duc de Bourgogne!!!

This is the first showing of my late medieval stuff, inspired originally by the Armies of Chivalry WAB supplement. I am not a massive fan of WAB, but accept it for what it is - a fun set of rules that give a reasonable game, but perhaps more "game" than "history". I chose the Swiss-Burgundian War as my cue, three battles that, following the result in round 3, established the raison d'etre for most of the next 250 years of warring in NW Europe. It was either that or Condottieri, which may appear at some point too - there are some Italians in the Burgundian forces at my disposal, clearly identified by such details as Papal crossed keys on pavises, Florentine red fleur de lys, etc. It was never going to be Wars of the Roses - uberdull!

"Interesting" fact time - what have Charles the Bold/ Rash/ Terrible (delete as appropriate) and my eldest daughter got in common (apart from dark brown hair)?

Answer - they were both born on the 10th November (albeit 560 years apart.....)

Now, what was that awful pop song/ group that inspired my above title? I can remember "Leo, and my name is Larry", a black American band, probably a one hit wonder and I think the title was "Float On".....?

I preferred Fat Larry's Band and "Zoom". But, with a record collection dominated by the likes of Metallica, ACDC, Van Halen, WASP and lighter stuff like Foo Fighters, Genesis and Marillion, I will not admit that in public.................oops!


Front Rank figure. I did my best with the heraldry!

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