Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mad Mullah Chapman's Turbaned Terrors

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

How often does an impulse purchase jump to the head of the painting queue and see fruition??? This was something I bought into purely to aid Nephew Paul, whose purchase of some British started all this off. I have heavy weapons, civilians, technicals and a tank to do, but forty-odd figures so far is not bad.

Bought on 11th March at the WMMMS show, painted by the middle of April, they have displaced musketeers for the Jung-Tilly regiment, two squadrons of Sarsfield's horse for my stalled 1690 project and another two of Oxford's for the same. They were joined in this queue-jumping escapade by some SS and Lord Clifford and his base-mate, Nicholas Stapleton.

Will I ever get back on track and actually stick to a plan?

All my Afghanistan figures so far are Britannia Miniatures figures. Decent selection of poses and equipment, characterful and backed by various vehicle options too.


Sniper team and random hairies

I like to think this is the paincky response when a UAV shows up......

More random hairies

Some decently-equipped terrors

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  1. Nice looking figures! Now get back to them 1690's figs!