Saturday, 21 April 2012

April showers and the duff PC

I had such hopes........

The Fireforge Teutonic Knights box was duly bought, a couple of riders matched with a couple of random horses I had lying around and the first couple of samples for my Anglo-Scots c1300 project were away. On top of that, the Taliban I bought on mega-impulse (or to bail Nephew Paul out after his even more mega-impulse purchase of 16th Airborne figures) turned out to actually grab my attention and were turned out in a couple of weeks or so, though remain unbased. Why? The SS needed some additions and have them, newly finished today, in the form of some AA and vehicles.

But the home computer has gone bump/ bash/ bang (delete as appropriate). I type this on my second daughter's notebook and the photo card slot is too small for my Olympus XD card!!!!!!!!!!!!! To top it all, I cannot find my cable to download direct from the camera either.......................

So, if I can either talk Mrs G into a new PC or work out another solution, all will be revealed. I can not post piccies just yet, but hopefully tempt you with the prospect of seeing this activity in the near future.

Robert, Lord Clifford, crashing to the ground at Bannockburn anyone?

Sir Nicholas Stapleton (or it could be Miles, as sources  are unclear) on rearing horse trying to avoid falling Clifford?

Fritz, Hans and Karl sat round a quad 20mm waiting for some Typhoon action, whilst Gert the Driver reads the latest issue of "Signal" and bemoans his luck at not getting to play with the noisy guns?

Or Ahmed the Bad (or just plain "misunderstood" to his friends) and his Pashtun cronies?

All await their blog debut when the graphics and PC situation are sorted!!!

I sincerely hope this is VERY soon.......


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