Friday, 6 April 2012

Back at home, with wet toes

My first ever game of Flames of War went well today.............I lost.

Those Russians get a lot of kit for their buck, with Scottish Paul fielding 16 KV-1S tanks, 3 Sturmoviks and an artillery battery vs my 4 Panthers and 6 Pz IV's.

What did I learn?
  1. As a cuirassier at heart, with a passion for hard-hitting armoured guys (Swiss pike, men-at-arms, actual cuirassiers, elephants, etc) I like to get stuck in, but I need to be far more subtle than that.
  2. I need some AA!!!!! I was lucky to lose just the single Panther to the Sturmovik/ artillery combo.
  3. Stay focussed. I may have routed the artillery and toasted several tanks, for the loss of 3 of my own, but Paul won by capturing an objective whilst I was spraying 75mm shells around!
  4. I WILL PLAY AGAIN AND JOIN THE STAFFORD GAMES FoW LEAGUE (if only to annoy as many "experts" as possible, trample those aesthetically-displeasing infantry bases and maybe scrape a win somewhere!)
  5. Panthers rock!!!!!!!!!
I bought some AA, so point 2 has been addressed, but I do not hold out much hope for any success with either of points 1 and 3!

I didn't paint Panther 321 just to provide Sturmovik fodder......

Scratch one Commie Company Commander. Sadly, he brought some friends along who stormed down my right flank and snatched the objective my opponent had placed there.

Victory hopes died with my C-in-C. I tried to kill as much Russian kit as possible to force a company morale check, when I realised the objective was gone, but fell a tank or two short. Alas.
A good game nonetheless. I will look to grow my force to 1750pts (sic) with the aforementioned AA and some recon.


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