Sunday, 29 April 2012

Better pics - Lord Clifford 1314

The first pics were a bit blurry, using a smaller, less able camera than my own. For those who are interested, I have taken a few more which, I hope, will show this subject in a better light.

He is now joined by Nicholas Stapleton (Argent, a lion rampant sable armed and langued gules). My lion looks abit more like a gorilla/ bear/ other than I would really like to admit, but........

Much clearer now - horse loses footing in a pothole, tumbles and throws rider, Scotsman dashes out from schiltron and.....

Now all I need is a few dozen more knights and associates and several score Scots spearmen.....

Final solo shot before company arrives in the form of.......

Nicholas Stapleton. The Osprey Campaign book on Bannockburn gives this heraldry as both Miles and Nicholas Stapleton and also gives a forked tail to the lion. The WRG Armies of the Middle Ages vol 1 gives Sir Miles Stapleton dying in 1364 and having a single tail and a white star on the lion's shoulder, so I am plumping for Nicholas for this era. A star on the normal family heraldry was a common way to distinguish family members, along with labels, a border and other features.
Now to marry the figures together on the base, varnish, texture and add a few hundred allies and enemies to "complete" the project!



  1. Great looking figures and a very nice conversion.


    1. Thanks Matt.

      With the 700th anniversary of "that defeat" coming up in a couple of years' time, I would love to be in a position, via the Wyrley Retinue, to show something vaguely Bannockburn at shows such as WMMMS. I am thinking most people will go 1914 (I may even do Galicia myself), so just to be different!