Sunday, 22 April 2012

Robert, Lord Clifford - KIA Bannockburn

Again using my eldest's piffling little Photoapparat, I was able to capture my latest sample for something new - the Anglo-Scots Wars circa 1300.

I like painting heraldry, get a bit of a buzz out of it even, but madness is surely on the cards going for this one. You see, I wanted context. I had the falling horse (Black Tree, I think), but the rider was not so good in the pack. Then I bought the Fireforge Teutonic Knights and the riders worked better than the originals I had (with a bit of crafty greenstuff to make the join better).

Now, back to context, there were a few notable casualties at Bannockburn, as befitted the horse pose. I could have de Bohun (Gilbert), who got his head cleaved by Bobby Bruce's axe when he charged him alone - no, not for the falling horse.

I could have Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, whose "Or, 3 chevronels gules" would be easy to replicate, but he did not wear his full panoply on the day of his death, so the set up would not look quite right. Both horse and rider had full armour and livery.

So that left Clifford.................Checquy Or and Azure, a fess gules.................

Yellow and blue checks with a red horizontal band.....on a falling horse and 28mm......

In for a penny and all that.

I did not bother to fully animate in all honesty - the scabbard should be falling, the stirrup strap loose, his surcoat remodelled, but the paint job tested my sanity.

The space has been left for Sir Nicholas Stapleton on a rearing horse. He was one of Clifford's retinue in his ill-fated charge against the Scots' schiltrons. You may be pleased to hear that his heraldry was a far simpler affair!

Heraldry is a lot easier if you can avoid the geometric designs and go for animals!!! Straight lines are not my forte, but I can do the odd flourish with some random fur, especially with a picture to copy.

Clifford is far from perfect, but I hope you like him. More will follow whislt I am in the mood.


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