Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Long Time Coming

Yet another unit that has taken me a while to get around to basing is this one, Jung-Tilly, circa 1631. I did the bases at pretty much the same time as I did Montpuillan's and Sarsfield's horse regiments (see previous posts earlier this month), as I tend to - batch base that is.

One of the main reasons for the length of time taken over finishing this pike block is the considerable annoyance I felt when the Leibfahne flag I painted up earlier this year flaked and was ruined (see much earlier post). Thus, I had to paint another, settling on something a little simpler for ease.....and promptly wishing I had just done the Leibfahne again, because that is the one I really wanted!!!

I also fell away from the Thirty Years' War. I have certainly not fallen out of love with it, but since the "Pike & Shotte" game at Stafford Games a couple of months ago, have been doing other stuff.

This regiment is not finished, however. I have no distinct musketeers for it as yet. I can also build it as a large unit a la P&S, so might get that Leibfahne after all. Up to now, the white flag in the unit has partnered a Catholic League one in a sort of generic unit. Alongside Jung-Tilly, I have also painted up a separate command stand to flesh that regiment out into a separate entity too, and the original, shared pikemen and musketeers went with that stand, allowing me to create Jung-Tilly anew, a sort of Junger-Tilly. I will photograph and post on the Catholic League regiment soon, but, for now, meet the meat in the JungTilly sandwich.


My usual (for this period) mix of Renegade and Redoubt figures. The original flag I painted when the unit was a hybrid Jung-Tilly/ Catholic League one is the white one. The Virgin Mary icon is almost visible.

Head on view. I prefer more active poses, with pikes levelled in the front ranks, but they are a total b**ger to store!

The blue flag is identical on both sides. This view shows the motto on the white flag, which reads "Jesu Deus" vertically and "Maria" horizontally. How much more Catholic a regiment does one want, especially with the Virgin mary on the other side of the flag?

Stoutly defending a hummock.

My usual ill-advised close up....


  1. Great looking block. Those flags are very eye-catching.


  2. Thanks Matt. The flags are one of the biggest draws for this era for me. I just wish I had started with cloth flags like I have for my 1690 stuff. Ho hum.