Saturday, 21 July 2012

Catholic League Regiment, 1631

One whole base of figures does not a regiment make (unless you are playing one of the Polemos variants or similar perhaps), but one base of figures enabled me to finally stop mixing Jung-Tilly and some Catholic League troops and give the latter their own identity at last.

That one base, of just four figures, formed the second command element and is made up of a couple of Warlord plastics, a Renegade Scots pikeman masquerading as an Irish mercenary and an Assault Group officer. The rest of the regiment is made up of Renegade figures.

I still have a good six (at least) regiments of foot figures available to paint for this era, along with some more cavalry, some dragoons, artillery, generals and sundry bits and pieces.

I "need" some Protestant Germans, a Spanish regiment or two (for Nordlingen???)................

I will get around to some of this sooner or later and post some pics.


The base in question.

The left flank of the regiment, preparing to give fire.

The original command element that shared duties with the Jung-Tilly one in the original hybrid regiment.

The right flank, with more muskets preparing to give fire.

A closer view of the Warlord ensign with (overly small) furled standard and Assault Group officer.

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