Saturday, 21 July 2012

New Kid on the Blog!!!

Some may call it "Heresy".

Some may see it as further sign of a slow descent into madness.

Some may even be pleased?

As a long time reader, collector, player and, on occasion, writer of material of the fantasy and sci-fi ilk, it was perhaps inevitable that I would have to either:

a) show more such material here, or,
b) show it somewhere else!

Well, a certain "Krag" has sprung back into life. Not as famous as Nog and Zog (twin Night Goblin shamen, no less) to those who know me, Krag first appeared in a short story written for a nephew many years ago, when he appeared as something of a spy/scout/politico/ assassin. In my own head at least, he has come long way since then. He seems to have almost gone "legit".

Thus, you will see no more sci-fi, no more K'Hiff, no more bits of any non-historical matter at all here, but "Krag's Kronickles" will expand that part of my wargaming alter-ego.

For anyone interested (and anyone who isn't but has some time to kill), check out:

With such stuff as the latest 40K already with us and delights such as "Dropzone Commander" due very soon, it would be a shame for a true wargames junkie not to do a line or two in this area........

Er, that's line or two of type, not some other rubbish.

G (K)


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