Monday, 16 July 2012

Montpuillan Horse (1st Sqdn) - Finished At Last

Just like the proverbial buses, you wait a while and then two show up at once. In my case, it was Sarsfield's Horse and now Montpuillan's. Not quite buses, but they do at least carry passengers.....

Sarsfield's were Reiver figures, Montpuillan's are Wargames Factory plastics.

The flag is entirely conjectural, based on French imagery of the time (white cross and fleur-de-lys) and an escutheon showing the arms of Aquitaine. Those who read my earlier post on ths regiment may remember that Montpuillan is a place in the Lot-et-Garonde area of Aquitaine in SW France.

Conjectural but, I hope, not entirely unfeasible...


The entire regiment as it presently stands, just one squadron strong.

A better view of the flag. I experimented a little with the groundwork. It turned out to be a rather convoluted process  - first brown woodfiller, then an umber wash, then "Stirland Mud" from GW on top, then static grass, then various paint drybrushes with some emulsions and topped off with Army Painter swamp tufts and the odd meadow one for variety.

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