Thursday, 5 July 2012

Weird Challenges

No, not some Viking stood on a bridge on a sunny day in 11th Century Yorkshire, taking on all comers until some part-time sailor assaults him from a boat on the water below.

Not even two sets of three brothers setting to in Ancient Rome or 30 garlic-swillers confronting 30 of God's Own (aka Englishmen, of course) in 1340's France.

I read about this one on Nephew Two's blog (see Beithir in the followers bit).

The brief was to paint up 1000pts (to Warhammer Fantasy) of troops, using a legal list (sic) and write a blurb about them. Take pics at various stages of construction/ completion and show it all on your own blog. Hmmm.

I rarely play fantasy nowadays, but this set the old juices flowing. I have a fair horde of GW and other suitable figures and, given what I have spent this year already, was not in the market for more investment. This is where the Savage Orcs came in. Hyperactive Orc cavemen basically with a passion for venomous creatures and nudity. I have a sizeable Orc army anyway, many figures pre-dating Warhammer, so anything I did paint would simply join them.

I wrote a list and painted up a leader and five associates, all mounted. I will post photos once I have based them. Next up MAY be some spider riding goblins and some infantry. Then again, a mad wizard or two could be in order. Or perhaps some exotic stuff like trolls or a giant.

But fear not as I have not gone sweaty, socially inept (no more than normal), decided that unpainted or just undercoated figures on my games table was the way to go or developed a thing for juvenile rock music (only classic rock for me!). In short, I will not be becoming a full time fantasy freak. I will not be entering the competition, but would love to hear more about any such flights of fancy from historical exponents.

Anyone out there doing this??? I would like to play, I think.


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