Saturday, 21 July 2012

Clifford Done and Dusted

To finish off the first couple of samples of my Bannockburn-era proposal, I finally got around to basing the (almost late) Lord Clifford and his (still active) companion, Sir Nicholas Stapleton.

The good (?) news is that I have started to thresh out the retinue a little, so more pics soon for those who like this stuff or are, at least, keen enough to look.

This proposal seems to be progressing rather better than my Arthurian one (see very early post). The few samples I photographed and posted for that era are still just that, a few unbased samples. However, the article in "Battlegames" issue 30 on the forthcoming "Dux Bellorum" rules by Daniel Mersey, published by Osprey, my well kick-start something......


Having crossed the whatever burn (there were so many at Bannockburn), Clifford promptly gets thrown in the boggy ground.

Another view of the same.

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