Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Gascon crossbowmen

Hot on the heels of the mounted sergeants shown earlier, I have the first of the infantry figures painted for my fledgling 1314 project.

Built from the Fireforge Games Foot Sergeants box, with the addition of a standard bearer (not in shot) from some small, discreet, largely unloved scree slope of my lead mountain, they are obviously crossbowmen and will be identifiably Gascon crossbowmen (from the King of England's territiories in France, you see) once I finish their banner!

The figures go together well, but as is usual with multi-part kits, you do get a few less useable poses, namely the stooping ones in this case, which would be better I think in a melee unit (watch this space....)

As stated above, this is the first infantry unit I have completed for this project. Only another couple of dozen to go.....

I did not take my usual route and paint a few samples, but dived in and did the whole unit. I am also still looking for details of liveries and similar worn/ carried by commoners in this era, so if anyone has anything of note or can direct me accordingly, that would be marvellous. Needless to say, there is a hoard of info on those colourful noblemen for both sides.


The whole unit, with standard-less standard bearer in the middle of the back row. Bases are Renedra 40mm square for probable use with "Hail Caesar", though I must get a good look at "Deus Vult" before I finally commit to a ruleset of choice for this project.

The right flank

The middle of the unit. I had not noticed how arge the crossbow's loading stirrup is on these models before I saw this shot...

The left flank. The boxed set comes with lots of loose arms and crossbows, as well as some fixed arms already holding a crossbow, enough to make a total of 24 crossbowmen from each set. Numerous head variants on each sprue is also a boon. I do not envisage making any more crossbowmen, as the weapon was always rare in England. Welsh archers? Now, that is something else entirely.

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