Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Scots wha' hae (or whatever)

Hot on the heels of the Gascons comes my first opposition unit.

These figures are again Fireforge Foot Sergeants, but most are converted to take a brass rod spear, as the plastic one supplied in the set is too small for Scottish spears. I have mixed in several metal figures into the overall unit, including a couple of (Essex?) dismounted knights to command this particular schiltron. Standards are also underway, for Walter Stewart (High Steward of Scotland) and the Earl of Sutherland, so the complete unit will be here soon. In the meantime, here are a few samples to get me started.

I do not think I will use this boxed set further for Scottish spearmen as I do not think it ideally suited. The need to convert each figure to take the new spear and the less suitable nature of some of the poses for what I want in my schiltrons will lead me to buy metal figures for the rest. The plastics will be ideal, however, for English militia, retainers, etc.

Just one more thing.

I have taken a little licence with this unit, as I may well do with all Scots spearmen for this project, and allowed for a few shields in the group. It is debateable whether the average linguistically-challenged hairy from north of the (English) border would be able to wield both a twelve foot spear and a shield, but some at least of my supermen can! The jury is out overall it seems. I have added in a few bucklers to enable some two handed weapon use also, whilst retaining that modicum of extra protection. Most simply go unshielded, relying on their aketons/ gambesons alone. Bring up the archers!!!


The sort of pose I would want for future Scots spearmen figures using the Foot Sergeants box. I would prefer a gambeson, but the open hands supplied for use with a crossbow are not too bad for holding the brass rod spear.

The buckler was sourced from my spares box, the spear from brass rod as before.

As well as the shield itself, I have used some artistic licence in having the Scottish flag on the shield, which I doubt happened too often in reality. The saltire adds colour to the unit, however, and leaves the ignorant or the uneducated in no doubt as to who this guy follows. The arrow is also brass rod, with flights from two very small pieces of card glued on.

Far more reasonable to have the saltire appear on clothing I feel. Another buckler from the spares box also features.

One of the metal figures I found in my lead mountain, with brass rod spear and added buckler. Essex???

Another of the poses in the boxed set. As with several of the figures in the overall unit, the original weapon was cut away and the hand drilled through and/ or sliced open to receive the new spear.


  1. Nice work G, love the saltire on the shield!

  2. Very nice figures, fantastic work!