Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I have finally finished the painting part of the mounted element for Clifford's retinue at Bannockburn (at least, my representation of it), with the addition of a standard and some men-at-arms/ sergeants.

The standard bearer is a metal figure of unknown origin (but I believe Black Tree), mounted on a plastic Fireforge Games horse from their Teutonic Knights set. The other figures are straight out of the Fireforge Sergeants box - five down, seven to go!

Just the varnishing and basing to go then. I tend to varnish and base several units/ regiments/ contingents/ etc at once, so this unit will be properly completed once I have a few more bodies of figures done to base etc alongside them.


Lord Clifford's banner in the rectangular pattern apparently favoured in the late 13th/ early 14th century before they went square later on. The ratio of length to width is roughly 1.5 to 1.

And a clearer shot of the standard bearer's mate.

The whole men-at-arms/ sergeants complement

Close up of Bert, Tom and Fred.

And a close up of Geoffrey, who seems to have forgotten his helm....

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  1. Good looking figures. The matching colour scheme ties them nicely together.