Sunday, 27 January 2013

The first Scottish standard bearers

With the rest of the schiltron painted and awaiting varnishing and base texturing, I busied myself bringing the standard bearers into play over the past week.

Here, hopefully for your delight, are the two standard bearers for schiltron number 1. I chose these particular standards for a couple of reasons:-

  1. They contrast each other nicely in terms of the colours featured.
  2. Neither noble represented had a specific command at Bannockburn, but were important figures in the Scottish hierarchy. Thus, I felt they could and indeed should feature somewhere. There were other choices I could have made (Argyll, Lennox, Mar, Buchan, etc.), but these two got the nod this time.

Another Fireforge Games figure, but this one has a mix of parts from the Foot Sergeants (body) and Mounted Sergeants sets (head and arms), as well as a spare shield from my bits box. As you can probably tell, the standard itself is cloth, calico to be precise. I paint all my standards separate to the figure but attached to it's staff. When the basic colours are done, I glue it to the figure and shade the banner according to how it falls when fixed, to try to avoid glaring anomalies in light, etc. This one is the Earl of Sutherland's standard.

The standard of Walter Stewart, High Steward of Scotland. The figure is Essex, I think, the shield a plastic one from the Fireforge sets, the pole brass rod.

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