Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More flowers of English chivalry

The last post for my 1314 project until I get some more painted is the last of the nobility painted to date.

I have a couple of command bases (Gloucester and Hereford) along with some lesser men-at-arms on the paint table, but they are a couple of weeks off for the moment. If the weather (i.e. light) improves, I may get them started this weekend.

In the meantime, I will sign off for the present with these last few shots of work done to date.


Robert de Mohaut

Marmaduke de Thweng

I was surprised to see how rare the use of green was in English heraldry, even more so when used as a base colour, so de Thweng's parrots and de Monthermer's eagle (see a previous post) will largely be it.

Thomas de Berkeley

Thomas was an old man at the time of Bannockburn, but still made the journey north with his son, Maurice. Maurice's heraldry is the same as his father, apart from the addition of a blue "label of three".

Thomas Ercedekne.

Just how do you pronounce "Ercedekne"??? I am going with "Airssdun"......

Aymer de la Zouch

Painting circles (sorry, bezants) is even worse than trying to do straight lines, so I attempted both on this figure.


  1. Fantastic looking figures, you can't beat a well turned out knight!