Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Gascons get a flag too!!!

In addition to the Scottish banners (they are banners and not standards, which I have discovered are long things with forked/ rounded tails - I should have known this before...), I also took the time to finish off the Gascon crossbows unit by completing their banner.

The design is simply the arms of Aquitaine, which my sources state is sinonymous with Gascony - "a rose by any other name" and all that. If the sources are wrong, then they will simply become Aquitainian crossbowmen!

This unit had to be for one reason in particular - my youngest daughter is named after Eleanor of Aquitaine (yes, I called the little darling "Aquitania"!!! Sorry, I mean "Eleanor"...). Aquitaine/ Gascony simply had to feature in any medieval English force I chose to create, seeing as we owned the place at the time.


Essex figure with the golden monkey/ lion (delete as you deem fit) of Aquitaine. I am not entirely happy with the lion and its apparently slightly simian heritage, but my wife thought it was a lion when I showed her, so it cannot be too bad I suppose. Actually, looking at the guy's face in this shot, I am not entirely sure it is not Galen from Planet of the Apes holding this banner.......

Given the caption for the first photo, it is probably fitting our banner bearer stands in the rear rank....


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    1. Thanks for your kind comment again Ray.


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    1. Thanks for the support. Glad you like it. The jury is sti out for me though!