Friday, 6 January 2012


Hello again,

Project 3 of my "RESOLUTIONS" post stalled in Autumn last year, as daylight became limited, work got busier, pressure to "finish" other projects (30 Years' War for the Wargamer show) grew and I just "did other things". But Derby saw the purchase of some long-awaited cavalry and some of the excellent Warfare Miniatures figures, and more cavalry have been added since with the release of the Wargames Factory plastics.
So, to start this theme off, here are a few pics of the project to date (unvarnished and in need of terrained bases).

Light gun in the setting sun. The figures are converted from the separate legs/torso parts from the Wargames Factory infantry set, with random artillery tools from my spares box

Same gun and crew, better lighting?

The (Dutch) Brandenburg Regiment. Purists will probably tell me the drummer's uniform should be in reversed colours (D'oh!)

Trelawney's - I cannot say I enjoyed trying to paint the little black birds......

Huguenot Regiment "De La Meloniere" - both uniform and flag conjectural, but, I hope, plausible. Details on the 3 Huguenots regiments in the campaign are largely unknown

I can never remember whether this is supposed to be "Cambon" or "Caillemot".

This is the other one, either "Cambon" or "Caillemot". I really should make a positive ID and write it under the base!

Hanmer's, my only English Regiment currently. It will eventually be joined by Kirke's, Brewer's and Beaumont's at the very least. Should I move to the continent for my Williamite action, Churchill's will be a definite also.

Antrim's, the second of the two Jacobite regiments I have done so far. James' Lifeguard, Bellew's, O'Neill's, Clanrickarde's and Eustace's will all follow.

Lord Grand Prior's, the only regiment I have so far done grenadiers for, simply because I had details of their caps. It also gives some variety to a "uniform" project.

The second French regiment I painted, "Forez".

The first French regiment I painted, "Tournaisis". After Forez and Tournaisis, I doubt I will do any of the other four sent to Ireland to "assist" the Jacobites, but Zurlauben will be first up if I do - blue coats are different to what I have so far and the flag is a variation on the norm too, especially the Colonel's colour.
 Hope you enjoy. All figures are Wargames Factory plastics, some sporting conversions, except for an old Hinchliffe 6pdr (?) masquerading as a Jacobite light gun. The command elements shown do actually have the rest of the regiment to go with them, but I like flags!

Note to self - take a course on lighting photos to ensure limited shadow, shots in focus, etc.


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  1. Very nice, love the flags!!! Interesting Huguenot flag!