Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Nuremberg Regiment

This unit is unique in that a) it has tassets and breastplates for the pike and b) it is composed of Redoubt figures. I like the variety provided by Redoubt, the separate heads being a major boon to differencing one figure from another. The halved flag was taken from a book on Landsknechts, the other from Mark Allen's work in WI many years ago. The figures are from the "Continental mercenaries" part of Redoubt's English Civil War range (the section in question is called something like that at any rate).

In use, this unit is a bit of an enigma. It has bolted at the first sign of trouble once or twice, but has also performed stoically under my often less than able generalship. If the Imperialist General Gallas was known as "Der Heerverderber" ( the "Army Destroyer"), one or two of my less than polite associates might label me "The Army Getter-into-trouble-er".......Thanks lads! You know it's those purple dice!!!

I lied!!! The officer is actually from The Assault Group, not Redoubt.

Same shot, (slightly) different angle.

And from the other side.

More musketeers. I like these Redoubt figures immensely - the cassocks shout "Thirty Years' War" to me, and the slightly baggier breeches are a boon also. The Renegade and other figures I have in the collection are more 1640's - not a million miles away, but not quite right to the purist.

More of the same, but the left wing of the regiment.

The entire regiment again, 1:1 ratio again. The blue flag standard bearer is also from The Assault Group by the way.

Advancing in column during the Steinkirche game to engage the rapidly approaching Swedish left flank

And from the rear
Again, I hope you enjoy.


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