Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Plans for this year

I have identified 7 potential projects that interest me greatly for the year ahead, out of a list of 19 considered. Those 7 are, in alphabetical order:

1) Anglo-Scots Wars, specifically Edward  I and II. I have very few figures for this period so far, but Curtey's will be at the WMMMS show in March, so who knows?
2) Daemons for Warhammer, started in earnest last summer, but a good one to finish.
3) 7TV, the rules for which I picked up last month and love the idea of 60's style Bond games. I bought their Captain Scarlet pack too........oops, I mean, "Time Lift Security".
4) Steampunk. One German tank painted, some Zulu War British built and undercoated. Who knows?
5) Thirty Years' War. This is not going away and, although I have enough forces for both sides for a good game, I also have probably 7 more assorted regiments to paint and a need for more artillery.
6) Vietnam. I bought a load of 20mm stuff ages ago, have the "Force on Force" rules and supplement, but a dire need to find and acquire some Hueys.
7) Williamite War in Ireland. I love this period and am reading whatever I can on it. Love the colour, love the flags, love the poignancy. I also bought a fair load of cavalry and commanders at Derby last October which are screaming for a paint job.

On the consideration backburner remain such things as 20mm Bolsheviks (I have WW1 Russians and plenty of unpainted Reds, so a good choice for completion, but missed the faves list), 15mm Late War SS (I have a paltry company of Pz IV's and some armoured panzer grenadiers, but no enthusiasm for more yet), 15mm Austro-Prussian War (I have figures for both and rules, but have not even started this yet) and 28mm Condottieri (I have Swiss and Burgundians but no desire to add to my late medievals. This may change as I acquire more flag detail, etc., for Italian families, especially Papal stuff).

So, I have planned the year down to week 18 (first week of May) and what features?

Answer: one steamtank (DONE!!!), 28 Saxe-Weimar infantry (TYW), 40 Holk infantry (TYW), 12 Schaffmann cavalry (TYW), 12 mtd/ 12 dismtd dragoons (TYW), a couple of carts and drovers (TYW) and 20 Zulu War British.

Am I on track?...........................................No.
I should have finished the Saxe-Weimar pike by now. Instead, I am working on 12 Jung-Tilly pike/ command and 4 Catholic League command, which will be finished this week.

At least it is Thirty Years' War, and I had planned that!!!



  1. Get that brush out...I wanna see some Williamite figures again!!

  2. Hmmm. WMMMS Show just around the corner and I guess I could do Steinkirche again as a demo. That would mean I would not need to paint any more figures for the 30 Years' War just yet. Hmmm..........