Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I have just been across to the blog created by my nephew and partner in crime (as in the other half of "The Wyrley Retinue"), Beithir no less, and read some rather interesting stuff about plans for the year past and the one we have now entered. I do not tend to plan my hobby activities quite so far in advance, but (and cue comments about being anally retentive and general tutting...) I do give myself quarterly "targets", which I track week by week through the quarter to see how I get on (ahem). I usually fail.............

There was method in my madness, however. Being somewhat slow on the completing figures front, I started the exercise to see exactly what I could do in three months - how many figures, of what scale, complicated jobs (i.e. pretty uniforms) or not (World War 1). This has helped me understand my capabilities and, I maintain, helps motivate me to paint and schedule my life a bit better, as I now have a better idea of what I can expect. Thus, I can now set myself goals without undue pressure, demoralisation, etc., as I know what I can do!!! I HEARTILY RECOMMEND THE EXERCISE.

As we are now in Week 1 of the New Year, it is time for another 13 week plan (Stalin would be proud! Probably just before he had me tortured as an enemy of the state....) The problem lies in what to do this quarter. Ideas revolve around at least some of the following:

1) 30 Years' War cavalry - I have a large-ish collection which did the job at the Wargamer show a month ago, but the Protties are light for cavalry still. This would be a good, wise choice - which is probably why it will not get done.....

2) 30 Years' War infantry - I far prefer painting infantry to cavalry, but see myself as a cuirassier at heart (big bloke on a big horse syndrome?), but do not actually "need" any more just yet. I did get a complete regiment for a paltry £18 last week though, so who knows?

3) Williamite War in Ireland - I started with some Wargames Factory plastics after the West Midlands show last March, and, strict authenticity for this war aside, enjoyed both building and painting these greatly. Love the flags, love the colour, love the poignancy. I have stalled at 10 infantry regiments and a couple of light guns. A definite contender. And I am seriously looking forward to some games of Beneath the Lily Banners (version 2, of course). I bought a load of cavalry to accompany my infantry at Derby and have yet to start them, or get cracking on the WarFact placcies I bought from Stafford Games. Watch this space...

4) Arthurians - I bought a "complete" 5th Century British army probably two years ago and have done a couple of samples, though typically only two out of six samples painted are British, the others being an Irish Druid, a Pictish Shaman, a Saxon Warlord and a priest (who could in fact be British, but is more likely "European"....). Beithir has Saxons. Beithir has not painted his Saxons.....Another reasonably wise choice, and something very different, so probably a non-starter again.

5) Austro-Prussian War - I love the Austrian Empire from 1618 to 1918 - simple as that. Some may argue that this has more to do with ready excuses for losing than the nice, white uniforms, but I hold no truck with such spurious claims. I also have large collections of entirely unpainted Austrian and Prussian forces in 15mm, a couple of decent-looking rulesets and one or two histories. Hmmm.............

6) Vietnam - again, I have the figures (but more Bloopers please!), and the rules with the release of Force on Force and the Ambush Valley supplement, but cannot find Huey's for love or money in 1/72nd.

7) Steampunk - my dining room table is currently garnished by a small Ironclad Miniatures "scout tank", resplendent in a pseudo-World War 1 German camou pattern - yes, I will photograph and post! A most invigorating project, so much so that I picked up some Wargames Factory Zulu War Brits and Zulus and Foundry Mahdists for potential opposition, along with a couple of cheap Victorian machine guns and bits. Fritz von Nutzenboltz is alive and well (and unpainted), ready to threaten Her Majesty's interests in some far-flung malaria-ridden hole that basks in the never-setting sun of the Empire, Huzzah!

8) Orcs/ Orks/ Orx - I bought the Mantic Games "Warpath Marauders" boxed set for 75% of RRP last week and WOW!!!! Warpath is Mantic's challenge to WH40K and worth a punt in my book. I have long sought something against which to match my Chaos armies, and Orcs/ Orks/ Orx were always a contender (I contend Sauron's finest are more misunderstood than evil - OK, they are evil, but hey, who cares?!) A long term project this one..........

So. those are some at least of the choices for Quarter no 1. I will keep you posted.


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