Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lorraine Regiment

The second regiment I painted for my Imperialists, again composed of Renegade figures, with flags sourced from Mark Allen's work in Wargames Illustrated long ago.

The bases are 40mm squares for four figures, based to Warhammer (I think), but only for convenience, as I have never played those rules and nor do I intend to, though I am sure they would give a reasonable, if not "quite right" sort of game. The rules we use were written by Roland at Stafford Games (aka Midland Wargames Centre) a few years ago to give us something to play with. This period/ theatre is crying out for a definitive set in my view, but there are many I have not yet tried (Forlorn Hope, Father Tilly, et al). Roland's rules are very old school and are crying out for a thorough threshing out and developing, which I keep threatening to do. They currently run to four pages of large print A4, which is a recommendation in itself! They have given us several good games, however, and stood the test at the Wargamer show last month.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this second offering in this "series".

The complete regiment, again 1:1 pike to shot.

Detail view of the other flag in the unit, lazily draped over its bearer's shoulder so more visible from the side than the front.

"Prepare for horse" judging by the formation.

Well equipped and lacking uniforms. The latter point at least is common to all my Imperialists, but not all units have armour. Some of them are not even organised on a 1:1 ratio!

Musketeer close up.
Hope you enjoy.


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