Monday, 30 January 2012

DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or, at least, considerable annoyance)

I have been fleshing out my Thirty Years' War figures, slowly but surely, starting with additions to my Jung-Tilly and Catholic League regiments. To that end, I painted another 20 pike and command figures and it was time for the standards. I bailed out on one figure, giving him the (overly small) furled banner from the Warlord Games plastic ECW/ TYW command sprue, but Jung-Tilly was getting the Leibfahne.

Jung-Tilly Leibfahne, 1631
Here it is in all its "glory". It took me several hours yesterday to do. Apart from final shading, which I would do once hung and flapping, so I could add the relevant highlights, I was happy with it.

I carefuly peeled it from its backing (it is painted on a sticky label), having first bent it a little to better attach it to the staff...................................AND THE PAINT STARTED FLAKING OFF!!!!!!!!!!!


I have used these labels before without issue and have started again with the necessary flag. This time, however, suitably chastened and ever so totally miffed, I have gone for a basic blue with red crossed staves. Right regiment, easier flag.




  1. Shame, cos that flag looks damn nice!!!

  2. I agree with Ray. It IS a nicely painted flag!