Sunday, 15 January 2012

Thirty Years' War Imperialists 1

At last, the period most close to my heart (possibly....) gets some specific treatment chez Blog. I studied the 17th Century for A level history and loved every bit of it. Quite a thing really, as I ditched O level history at 13 so I did not have to suffer another bout of Rise of Fascism (YAWN!!!!!) I am SOOOOOOOOO glad they still let me take the higher level!

Anyway, as the sun was too bright to paint today (in my south-facing conservatory where I conduct all my figure painting exercises), I decided to take a few pics instead - after blocking out the windows with chair covers, etc., to try to avoid BIG shadows....

See below the first shots (excluding the game shots from "Wargamer"), which we shall call "Command", simply because that is what these first photos are of.


Pappenheim with captured peasant banner being dragged in the dirt by loyal officer. Pappenheim is the Bicorne "Sir Edmund Verney" figure, the standard bearer by Redoubt (I think). The banner is conjectural, but the motto and basic design are mentioned in some sources, e.g. Wedgwood.

Used variously as Tilly, Gallas, Goetz, Mercy and others, the general is a Redoubt figure, the monk from Foundry.

Wallenstein with assistant. The generalissimo is a Warlord figure, the drummer from The Assault Group. Red and blue were Wallenstein's livery colours, but I make no claim that any of his soldiers were ever clad thus.

Close up of the above. He actually looks quite rough in this shot - perhaps a repaint?
I will post more later. I covered most of my current Imperialist army this afternoon and the opposition will follow in due course. Then, of course, the new figures on the "to do" list will need inclusion.....don't you just love figure mountains!?!?!

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