Saturday, 21 January 2012

Schwarze Kurassiere

Another unit of Old Glory figures, and the second I painted of Kurassiere, this is 16 strong at full strength. I have used a mix of mainly "ordinary" Kurassier figures with a smattering of Eastern armoured ones for variety, such as the figure on the grey horse on the right of the front row in one or two of the pictures.

Whereas I grade Pappenheim's as veteran, I tend to tone these down a bit and have them "Trained". They do not seem to perform any worse than their "superior" colleagues, now Pappenheim's are on their downer. They did a fine job in a game back in November at Stafford Games, when they shot down so many Swedish cavalry from the Vastgota regiment by caracoling the unusually static Swedes that they effectively won the left flank of the battle by themselves. Generally solid and dependable.

The Easterner figure mentioned above is closest to the camera

A slightly clearer shot, which I hope helps to show the variety with the basic Old Glory castings. This variety is helped by the separate right hands, so you can adjust poses a little within the same basic figure.

Kurassiere in a proper formation. Ideal for caracoling some enemy foot (or any enemy horse daft enough to sit around and let you do it!)

Another shot from the Steinkirche demo. The Schwarze arrived late in the rear of the Swedish lines, but were faced off by an about facing Swedish Blue Regiment in hedgehog, so spent their time on table trying to shoot the Swedes down, unable to get through to the main engagement.
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