Saturday, 21 January 2012

Piccolomini Arquebusiers

Another solid enough performer, Old Glory figures again, flag sourced from the same German site as Hagen's. The link I have is, but you may do just as well with "fahnen und standarten". I think the link was defunct last time I checked, but give it a go and see. Lots of lovely flags for units from both sides and different contributors to the respective Catholic and Protestant armies.

I chose this unit as something a little distinctive from several other Imperialist units. Not only does it have a distinctive name (famous in fact, to those who know their later 17th Century Austrian/ Hapsburg history), but a distinctive flag too, without a crossed stave, Madonna or eagle in site.

That village again, with yet another cavalry unit cantering through it.

More of the column, as seen from the perspective of a small boy sitting in a largeish tree.

Trying not to trample an errant sutleress as they emerge from the siege camp outside Steinkirche, the Piccolomini Regiment advances to try to head off the newly-arrived Swedes.
 Definitely time for another thread now. Swiss, Swedes, Burgundians, AK47 Republic, Punic Wars, Fantasy, WH40K and others will all feature in due course, so stay tuned.


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