Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sci-Fi Bits & Bobs

To end the opening salvo of sci-fi samples, some general bits and pieces to add flavour to games. They will be followed by buildings, specialist pieces and all manner of other stuff as mood takes me.


Everyone needs luggage, though these will need a 28mm crane to carry them - they are each as tall as a 28mm figure and the small ones as wide. All detail is painted on - I like to "create" my own fictional companies for such games, such as "Go Cargo", which features on containers from my destroyed freighter terrain for Firestorm Armada games.

Every good establishment needs a gun turret or two. Solar panels are optional, but what else would you want for a secret base on an idyllic (?) jungle world basking in a tropical sun? All featured pieces are GZG.

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