Friday, 6 January 2012

Arthurian Samples

Greetings once more,

I sometimes paint a few test figures for a project or some special that grabs my attention and these fit that bill nicely. As I have posted before, I have a "complete" Romano-British army, but have yet to get into it other than these samples. Good Englishman that I am, when it does finally arrive on a gaming table near you, it will be more Ambrosius fighting the Germans than Vortigern employing them! It features a veritable mix of West Wind and Gripping Beast figures and I want to do something a bit different with the command figures but not quite sure how to pull it off. For example, I see the Pictish shaman as a bit of an animist, so bought some Vendel deer and hounds to accompany him on a scenic base as a mini-vignette. I don't want to paint duplicate figures, so I just need to work out a way of using the vignette as the single figure he represents without him getting unduly targetted and surrounded by hordes of savages all claiming base contact. I have similar ideas for each of the figures below, using monks to accompany the priest, standard bearers for the warriors, etc.

Ideas and suggestions very welcome!


Three shots of a well-armoured  Briton - West Wind figure I think. Let's call him Uriens.

Two shots of another well-armoured Briton, whom we shall call "Galahad" due to his evident youth. This figure also shows why I do not usually paint eyes - they are an irrelevance unless a) you hold the figure really close and b) your camera skills are up to close photography, unlike mine! And that is only if you can avoid the undead stare seen on so many figures with painted in eyes......

Two shots of Bishop Germanus, come to con a few Sarmatians out of their hard-earned citizenship (yes, I watched "King Arthur", and not even for Keira Knightly)

Sandy from Emmerdale (yes, I should get out more!) masquerading as a Pictish Shaman.

Badcath the Druid, otherwise known as "Man O'Magic"

"Free" sample of one of them "German" fellas obtained with the "Shieldwall" WAB supplement I think. I also think he is an Artizan figure, but do not know for sure. All I do know is that he eats sausage, drinks beer out of a mug with a lid and wears leather shorts at weekends..........before anyone complains, I am only joking. He is not even Bavarian!

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  1. Beautiful paintwork, just love the shields, well done that man!!!